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Meditate to Connect With your Pet

Connect with your pet on a spiritual level

In a similar post yesterday we shared an article that described meditation’s positive affect on the environment around the practitioners – apparently that connection can also be made with your pet.

Similarly, this article describes one’s ability to connect with your pet using similar the same and additional energies and theories.

Researchers have begun to connect that if we meditate on certain thoughts and emotions we can cultivate a connection with individuals around us including our pets.

If you’d like to learn more about this practice check out the full article.

We all feel the deep connection that we have with our beloved pet and we sense that it is something spiritual. Well, it is and quantum science is explaining how we can use this knowledge to direct healing for our pet and ourselves. Healers throughout time have known that when the healer is directing healing, the healer too, is being healed. It is sort of a win/win situation.

Quantum physics and its mechanics explains that all material objects, including our body and our pet’s body, is made of energy. Over the ages, this subtle energy has been called Qi, Shakti, Spirit and many others. Quantum scientists call this energy subatomic energy and cell biologists are now starting to understand the importance of the energetic component in regards to our health.

The researchers at HeartMath Institute in California have been studying the affects of the subtle energy on the physical or material body. Their research suggests that the energy directed by the heart controls the physiological function of not only the heart, but the rest of the body as well. That is not all they have found. Now, it appears that our heart energy has the ability to affect the heart function and body function of another being that is in our presence. Quantum physicists refer to this energetic connection as quantum entanglement.
Researchers at HeartMath found that if we focus our awareness on a sense of loving gratitude, we will connect to a heart-felt sense that creates what they refer to as cardiac coherence. Cardiac coherence is a descriptive that indicates that the heart energy and function is at its greatest efficiency. That in turns directs the entire body to function at its maximum efficiency as well. We can use this knowledge to focus our intent to heal our pets.

The energy that connects us to our pet is vital energy and when we are aligned with the heart-felt connection and coherence, then healing is directed both to the pet and to ourselves, much like a two-way street.

For more information check out the full article by Dr. Dennis Thomas at