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Woman Meditates for 100 Days and Reaps the Benefits!

Could you meditate for 30 days straight?  How about 100?

Case studies are always interesting, and we feel like they’re a little more noteworthy when it’s an account of an everyday person’s journey.

This is on such case study performed by someone that wanted to find out if the benefits surrounding meditation was real.

So she set out on a simple journey to attempt to meditate everyday for one month to see what would happen, and apparently decided to keep right on going!

Her results will amaze you check it out.

After one month, I kept going and am still going. I just passed 100 days of consistent daily meditation and this is what has changed:

1. Less anxiety. Biggest change, by far. I feel as if something inside my body that was tightly wound has begun to unclench. It’s a deep internal release and continues to release more and more.

2. Feeling much more high-spirited, joyful, and optimistic (without even trying in any way).

3. Clearer thinking and easier decision making. Stepping into new situations with clarity. Leading more with intuition and energy rather than my thinking mind.

4. I am no longer afraid to meditate. I no longer dread it. I look forward to it. I am not afraid of my thoughts, even on “bad” meditation days. I sometimes settle in for a second daily meditation if things get hectic during the day.

5. My energy is naturally channeling into my passions. Working more. Writing more. Accomplishing more.

6. Occasional insomnia has pretty much minimized to a near zero. Sleeping heavy and deep, like I remember as a kid. Looking forward to sleep. No anxiety dreams or nightmares.

7. Feeling more connected in my yoga practice. Practice that is usually quite physical has slowed way down, but I’m OK with that. Feeling more in my body and restored after a practice.

8. More adaptable to change. Feeling as though I’m stepping into a flow and letting go of what I can’t control. Not all the time, but noticeable difference.

9. Slowing down. For someone that operates at a high velocity, slowing down is not something I necessarily even wanted to accomplish. I am still high energy, but it doesn’t feel messy and out of control. It’s the little things, like taking my time to apply sunscreen to my son rather than it being something I rush through. Or when he asks me to draw, I sit down and enjoy it rather focusing on what’s next.

Some tips to stay with your meditation practice, because it’s hard and takes effort:

Consistency. Find a time and place that is sacred and protected and stick to that each day. Don’t try to slide it in when a window opens up, because most likely it won’t. Throw out the idea that conditions must be perfect.

Start with pranayama (breath work). I do a few rounds of ujjayi pranayama (ocean-like, audible breath) following by nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). The gateway into the practice is through the breath.

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